Matěj Hošek

I’m autistic. Together with my family, I fight fate and my work is the most effective weapon. Without the help of others, everything would be more complicated and I am well aware of that. And that’s why I’m trying to help. The MAAPPI project was also created to improve the lives of other fellows with disabilities.

Michaela Hošková

My mom

Michaela studied in Great Britain, where she kicked off her marketing career. For several years she worked in Washington D.C. (USA), where she met a number of important people whose stories became her inspiration after the birth of Maty. It was because of him that she interrupted her work life and set out to find answers to what was different with her son. Michaela founded the MAAPPI project. Her passion is writing. She had written diaries as a child and adolescent, but she never had the courage to embark on anything bigger. This has changed and her dreams are becoming a reality…

I draw maps according to real cities, or I let my own imagination work.

Work always calms me down and gives me a sense of freedom.

Do you want to have an original print of my map of London, Prague, Berlin, Paris or perhaps New York? Small or large format?

I signed each map and added an unique element to each, which is somehow connected to the city map.

MAAPPI na zeď

My thoughts are like stations. I connect them and give a firm order. The older I get, the greater my desire to leave the dormitories, compile a map and set out on an adventure. Discover new nooks and crannies.

Matěj Matěj

My sister Sofia

Eleven-year-old sister Sofia is Maty's big partner. From the first breath, she lives by the rules that the whole family must follow. When you imagine that she is six years younger than Maty, her childhood was simply different, but as she says herself, she is proud of what we have accomplished. She has loved sports since she was little and you can find a number of medals in her room on the wall, but her biggest passion is horses. She would like to spend every day in the stable and her dream is to own one. She is so much like her brother in that she doesn't give up so easily.

Maps are and always will be a part of my life. But I move on in my work. I'm having fun, getting to know the world and the people around me.


Lithography and me.

I enjoy the technique of lithography. The possibilities of lithography are almost endless, so I gain space for my own work, portraits and architecture.


There is still something going on in my world. I draw, design, think and try to implement my ideas. There are so many…


Design is my life. To see
how my work helps
and makes others happy, it is
the most beautiful feeling.



Like maps, architecture fascinates me with its geometric accuracy, intricacy and diversity of the period or style.

I travel for architecture or am inspired by books.


I would never believe that I would have my own truck. And thanks to ESA Logistics, this is the case. My maps go global.

It all has started with maps
and still goes on.


My maps also got to Converse shoes.


Maty likes to travel and his tram as well.

He is fascinated by traffic maps and public transport.

He admires the complexity and at the same time the logic and accuracy of individual routes.

And it seems that the subway, trams and buses will never cease to amaze him.

In his free time he takes photos like this.

He's a little weird, but he likes it :)



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